Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well, since it's Teaser Tuesday...

Since everyone calls Tuesdays "Teaser Tuesday," I decided to give you all a few teasers from my WIPs. =] =] =] The first one is from my first book in the Dark Nature Novels, and the second is from the first book in the Night Guardian Series.

Shadow Rose--

“You smell wonderful, did you know that?” Someone in a deep voice said above me.
My eyes stayed closed. I could feel someone lifting my arm into the air and the soft inhaling on my skin. A shadow fell over my face and the inhaling continued at my hair.
“I know you are awake, my rose,” The man whispered softly in my ear. “I can hear your heart beat faster than before,”
Crap, I thought. He was a vampire and he wasn’t mine. The ground under me shifted and I realized that I was lying in a bed. I opened my eyes and my breathing hitched up a notch. The man’s face was so beautiful, so familiar…
My eyes widened in fear. I had seen this man before, in my dreams that turned to nightmares. His ebony black hair combed back without a strand out of place. His white skin looked normal and his cheeks were rosy, both indicating that he’d (gulp) eaten recently. Fluorescent blue eyes traveled from my face down my body. His licked his thin pink lips excitedly and I cringed in fear. A single tear fell from my eye and his nostrils flared at the new salty scent.
He gazed into my face with curiosity. “Do you know me?” He asked.
“No,” I said.
“Are you sure?” He asked leaning closer to my face.
I shook my head. “I know what you are,”
My voice was shaky. I did know him. He was my attractive nightmare. The guy Philip turned into at the end of my recurring dream- the guy that killed me.

Striker: The Night Guardians--

...he heard the most horrifying sound of his life, his wife’s blood curdling scream. With a warrior’s call, he stabbed the demon called Oliver in the throat and pinned him into the wall. The demon’s eyes and mouth gave off flashing orange lights as the demon’s soul burned and returned to its hell home and its body incinerated. William kicked his blade off the wall and ran into the kitchen to see his wife lying helplessly in a pool of her own blood.
William dropped his sword, stumbling backward away from his wife; he fell straight into the demon’s outstretched claws. Grief made him forget his task and purpose. He tried to push his way out, but there was nothing he could do; the demon called Slade, grabbed him and bit into his neck violently. The demon’s venom washed through William’s veins and he collapsed on the kitchen floor. It burned through his insides, making his blood boil and his muscles convulse in agony. He didn’t dare scream...

So how were they? Do the teasers make you want to read more or throw your head against a far wall to get away from them? Feedback needed and thanks for reading!

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