Current Projects

Shadow Rose: A Dark Nature Novel
Paranormal, Romance, Mystery, Horror
"He licked my blood off of his palm and exposed my neck," Death had a cruel sense of humor...
Rebecca James is just your average 19-year old college student. A girl who never dabbled in the “abnormal.” Everything changes when an informal commune with nature, causes a bizarre tattoo to appear out of nowhere and a mysterious stranger named Philip stalks her in the night. It’s not long before Rebecca falls for him and she becomes the very center of his world. But Philip has a secret. He used to be a high ranking vampire in the dark council called Legion and he’s on the run. But because of love, he won’t dare leave Rebecca’s side when the hordes come. Now Rebecca has a choice: love and virtue or death. 
 Currently writing first draft

Striker: The Night Guardians
Paranormal, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Demons are filthy nasty creatures and I'm going to kill them all,
Demon hunting is easy. Trying to keep your family and friends safe from demons while running your own entertainment biz is the tough part. And 18 year old Johnny Striker knows just how tough that is. And the fact that he's hell bent on trying to find the ones who had his parents killed by were-demon assassins isn't helping the situation either. Luckily, he's not alone in his quest. He, his sister Amanda, and his four friends have vowed to keep all humans safe--at least in their city. To help, Johnny's been gifted with the ability to see through demonic glamours and even walls on occasion. But his gift is also his curse, all demons know about it and they want him dead. With the entire underworld gunning for him, how will he keep his family safe now?
Currently writing first draft 

Sparx: The Night Guardians (2nd in series)
Paranormal, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
A race against time to save the world is just an everyday job for a princess.Sparx is just your average princess: beautiful, smart, well-mannered, and carries two Japanese-grade Samurai Katana swords across her back. Being a princess isn't easy. Especially when you're the princess of a dimension called Cerul. A dimension filled with superpower-infused guardians called Empereans who have vowed to guard humans and themselves from evil. As heir to the throne, Sparx is to be the leader of the emperean army called the Whispers of Light. In order to lead, she has been sent to Earth to do what she calls "community service," to battle the worst of the worst of demon circles. But her arrival sends off alarm bells in the underworld and they seek her death by the cruelest means possible. Masking her royal blood becomes a problem when she saves a human slayer from a band of vampires who can see her for what she is. On top of that, an ancient prophecy that fortells the end of all worlds is put into effect and it's up to her and her new friends to stop it.
Currently writing first draft