Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hello readers!! This is first post as being a new member of Blogger! I love this site so far. It's adaptable and clean but most of all, FREE! lol
First things first, updates...
Shadow Rose has five chapters up on (technically 5 and a half but who's counting =] ) It's going through some serious editing about now and I'm thinking of switching some things around so that Poisoned Lilies will have an interesting beginning :)
Striker: The Night Guardians has a prologue! It's set 10 years before chapter one. It's the first time that I'm writing in third person so bear with me on the constant edits. The first chapter is also being edited and I sort of changed a few things so that the plot would remain the same.
Poisoned Lillies and Sparx: The Night Guardians are getting their little touch-ups and will be available soon.
Keep reading guys! xoxo